Two weeks ago, The New York Times reported that Cambridge Analytica harvested the personal data of 50 million Facebook users. Now you say the number is 87 million users. What’s the real number and why did it increase by 37 million people in only one week?

Am I one of the 87 million people whose personal Facebook information was harvested? Are my kids?

Does Facebook keep track of me even when I’m not using Facebook?

Why can’t I choose to opt out of Facebook’s data collection?

How much money does Facebook make by selling my phone and text messaging history? Why doesn’t Facebook share any of this money with me?

Are Facebook employees laughing at the personal photos I sent my spouse using Messenger?

Why can Mark Zuckerberg delete his old Facebook messages, but I can’t?

Why does Facebook make it so hard to figure any of this out?

Senators: Americans Demand Answers to These Privacy Questions

What Would You Like Congress to Ask Mark Zuckerberg?

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What You’re Asking

Define monopoly please.

P.B., Pennsylvania

If I’m a victim of identity theft because of this leak, is Mark Zuckerberg going to be monetarily responsible if proven that this is the cause of my identity theft and loss?

C.W., Pennsylvania

Why did you fail to invest resources into monitoring these activities when your own employees were telling you there were serious violations of your policies on data sharing? And how can we trust you to do so in the future—your credibility is lost and you have violated the basic trust that people have given you. Do not expect the public to believe you when you say you didn’t know. You did. and you looked the other way.

S.S., Virginia

How Facebook could guarantee that honestly they are deleting all information about my Facebook profile and how is going to handle Americans data being one of the most important to secure now that us enemies are trying anyway to do harm to US.

J.C., Virginia

Is everything safe on Facebook? If I shut down my Facebook page, but, I have a different phone number, How can I get it back? How much information is safe?

E.S., Pennsylvania

Can facebook guarantee in writing that in the event i close my account facebook will delete and destroy any and all data and files related to my profile including images and content and contacts?

J.D., Maryland

How should we break up your monopoly?

B.B., Washington DC

What made him think he had the right to ascertain personal information in the first place and then retain it to give away to someone else?

S.K., Virginia

What was the conversation between and agreements made with President Medevev of Russia in order for Facebook to access Russian people?

L.H., Washington DC

How much of Facebook’s money made off the privacy violations of users will now go to restore the environment, provide therapy for families broken up by immigration deportment, and other harmful policies of the Trump Administration that he was instrumental in getting elected?

S.L., Virginia

Why is Facebook censoring profiles that are owned by conservative causes, like Diamond and Silk, while profiles for liberal causes, such as ANTIFA, are left alone?

D.C., North Carolina